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We will be trying out a new prize pool system that includes a higher prize pool depending on more drivers that join each race, by signing up and submitting a participation fee, starting Race 1 of beta-test2

How much participation fee??
This fee will be set at 50 DOGE (participation fees are open to adjustments)

Oh man.. I thought we could participate for free.. :(
Well! Here’s why we think it could make the competition more competitive and fun! 1) More drivers, more prizes. We’ve created a system that we think our small but growing community would enjoy, and it comes in two parts (find details below) 2) Participation fees also help reducing no-shows, which make organizing the races difficult administratively.

Prize Pool System :

A. Increase the prize pool by matching the participation fees by 3x!

For example, if we have 5 drivers that sign-up and join the race, that means 250 DOGE (currently around 17.34 USD) for participation fees have been submitted, thus we will increase the prize pool to 750 DOGE to (currently around 52.03 USD) If only 1 driver submits the participation fee, then essentially he wins an automatic 3x :)

From the Prize Pool, please refer to the breakdown of the prize for each position.
Top 25% - Wins more than Participation Fee
Middle 25% - 50% - Wins a ‘ticket’ to use instead of a participation fee in a following race of your choice
Bottom 50% - Wins Nothing

We have a formula developed to breakdown the Top 25% winning to see how much each driver would win, examples of number of drivers and prize winnings will be posted soon.

B. 100% of the Prize Pool will be paid for by Upbit (upbit.com) and other Sponsors.
This means, all participation fees are only a gauge of how big the prize pool for that race will be and the actual participation fees itself will go towards a racing fund which will be used to train a real racer to enter the global stage. This racer will be selected, trained, and cheered on by the AMX community!
The plan is to pick one of our own :)

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