September FAQ


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What platform is the race held on?

If you need a 3 month subscription, join our discord and let one of the community moderators know :)

How much participation fee??

This fee is 50 DOGE (currently around 3.17 USD)

How do we sign up?

Check the schedule, see which race you want to compete on, and find the correct Race Thread and then follow the directions on each thread!

Prize Pools :

The prize pool for each race depends on how many drivers join each race, by signing up and submitting a participation fee.

For the past beta tests, we have multiplied participation fees by 3X

For September, we have increased how much we multiply the prize pool for up to 9 participants

A Guaranteed 10X for 1st Place (even if one driver participates!)

Also coming in September!

Attendance Award
The more you join, the more you earn!

AWARD UP TO 15,000 DOGE FOR PARTICIPATING!! (Very Close to 1,000 USD)

This means, if you're annoyed or discouraged by the participation fees of 50 DOGE

You can essentially get it all back and more by through participation!

So make sure you check out the September race schedule, and we'll see you in September :)

15,000 Doge split by participants?

Nope! Any driver who can participate in all 17 races of september will be awarded 15,000 DOGE.
Each Race will have a limit of 100 drivers.

Is there catch?

Nope! We want to increase our participants so that we can continue our testing and also have drivers understand our system.
We understand using cryptocurrency can be confusing as participation fees, so we've added this September promotion as an extra incentive :)


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